Meet your CAS Negotiating Team

This article is from the WLUFA Advocate January 2016 4.5.

Anne-Marie Allison, Mathematics

The Collective Agreement (CA) for Contract Academic Staff (CAS) expires in August 2016, and contract negotiations for a new agreement are anticipated to begin this spring. (CAS are faculty and librarians hired on short-term and/or part-time contracts.)

The CAS Negotiating Team comprises the following Con-tract Faculty members: Jim Gerlach (Chief Negotiator; WLUFA Treasurer; Chemistry and Biochemistry), Sheila McKee-Protopapas (Executive Director WLUFA; Biology), Carl Simpson (Philosophy), Anne-Marie Allison (WLUFA Communications Committee; Mathematics), Houman Mortazavi (Economics), and Laurie Manwell (Psychology). The Team is eager and honoured to represent Contract Faculty and Part-time Librarians and is already hard at work preparing for negotiations.

Have your say! Knowing what the membership wants is critical to successful bargaining. The Team has put together a short online survey to indicate their most important employment issues. It’s vital that the Team knows your areas of concern. As preparations continue, the Team also wants to hear from members in person. Stay tuned for opportunities, like “open door” gatherings with Team members at which you can voice your employment concerns in a safe and positive environment. Or, send us an email at:

Be informed and know your rights! Unfortunately, many members are not familiar with the terms and conditions of their employment. The Team will be sending out brief factoids over the next few weeks to inform members about provisions in the CA. For instance, did you know that many Contract Faculty are eligible to join the WLU pension plan? (See Article 24.6 of the CA.) We also urge you to check out the agreement yourself, and let us know what you’d like to see changed.

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