Put a face on precarious work: OCUFA Day of Action, February 11

This article is from the WLUFA Advocate January 2016 4.5.

WLUFA is working with the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty
Associations (OCUFA) and our colleagues across Ontario to improve our jobs and pressure university administrators to hire more full-time faculty members. We’re also making it clear that the government of Ontario needs to make more funding available to ensure every academic job is a good job.

On February 11, as part of OCUFA’s We Teach Ontario campaign, we are going to tweet pictures from our campuses along with every other university and college across Ontario. We’re going to put a face on precarious work at our postsecondary institutions. You can join in – on February 11, tweet your thoughts on contract work and watch contract faculty across the province join together under the hashtag #precariousPSE. You can also visit
Weteachontario.ca to sign the web pledge and show your support for good academic jobs.

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