Opposition to library collections budget cuts

The “Open letter from WLUFA opposing the library cuts at University of Ottawa” was just published on the WLUFA news site.  It’s important to support our colleagues in other institutions in Ontario, Canada, and around the world, and several faculty have spoken through the petition created to oppose the cuts.  Research and teaching can hardly be well-done in higher education without the “shoulders of giants” for faculty and students to stand on.  This is what the library collection in an academic library provides.  Library acquisitions budgets are often in danger of being the target of cuts and librarians and library staff work hard to both argue for at least the status quo and to make the best use of the budget provided.

How do you feel about cuts to library budgets in other institutions?  In Laurier itself?

How do you feel about the current level of financial support for library collections, here at Laurier and in higher education in general?

About Matt Thomas

I've been a professional librarian since 2001, a father since 2000, and a nerd since birth.
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