Key changes to Contract Faculty’s Collective Agreement

By your Contract Faculty Negotiating Team

In no particular order, here are some key changes finalized in the new Collective Agreement (CA). More details will be provided at when the final version of the CA is ready.

  • Over the life of the new CA, Contract Faculty (CF) teaching lecture-based undergraduate non-seniority courses will see an increase of 9.12% in compensation, while those teaching lecture-based seniority courses will see a 6.84% increase. By September 1, 2018 all CF teaching lecture based courses will be compensated $8,100.00 per course (see Summary for details).
  • Fall and Winter course offers will be made by the Deans’ Offices by July 30 (except those courses not available by June 1).
  • Members who care for a terminally ill family member will receive supplemental benefits.
  • CF who have taught four or more courses in the previous academic year can opt in to a Member-paid extended health and/or dental plan for CF. The expectation is that the plan will be similar to the Post Doctoral Employee Benefits Plan.
  • PER changes to $125 per course instead of $125 per term, with a maximum of $500 per academic year.
  • A minimum of 30 five-year Standing Appointments are now in the CA, with the same eligibility, terms and conditions.
  • The maximum number of courses (60) awarded to PhD students or post-doctoral fellows is now in the CA. All efforts must be made to avoid assigning a course in which a Member has seniority. Courses in which a Member has seniority will not be awarded under this clause more than once in two consecutive years.
  • Every reasonable effort will be made to assign an individual desk / workspace to a Member who teaches three courses in a semester or four or more courses over two semesters with a minimum of two courses per semester.
  • Students who leave a Member’s studio in the Faculty of Music will be replaced, given sufficient numbers.
  • The research grant fund has been increased by $10,000 to $40,000 per academic year, with the fund being split so that $20,000 is available on September 1 and another $20,000 on February 1. Additionally, the number of research support grants has been increased from four to six per academic year.
  • Recommendations for two-year renewable appointments to teach a course are now mandatory, if eligibility criteria are met (see in the existing CA for criteria).
  • T2200s are available for online course instructors or for CF without an on-campus workspace (see Canada Revenue Agency for more information).
  • Access to student meeting spaces has been increased from a weekly minimum of 1.5 to 2 hours per course.
  • CF will be provided with individual lockable storage in a secure area upon request.
  • E.I. hours are increased from 210 per course to 235.
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