Fair Employment Week

This blog entry was actually posted on December 3, 2015.

This article is from WLUFA Advocate 1.1 October 2012.

The annual Fairness in Employment Week highlights the “overuse and exploitation of contract academic staff”.

The CAUT, our national federation of faculty unions and associations, has joined with a coalition of organizations, unions and activists across the US, Canada and Mexico to organize Fair Employment Week, annually. The goals of the Week are:

to raise contingent academic labour issues nationally and locally in media and policy circles, and

to stimulate organizing and support local collective bargaining initiatives.
FEW is a highly decentralized and flexible campaign which emphasizes the need for fair employment practices for contract academic faculty.

To recognize Fairness in Employment Week, the Contract Academic Faculty Working Group is inviting all faculty, staff and students to an open discussion forum in the Concourse on October 25th from 10 am to 1pm. This event is about identifying the problems that exist for contract faculty at Laurier and about strategizing how we can build a more equitable institution.

Come and join the conversation!

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