This blog entry was actually posted on December 3, 2015.

This article is from WLUFA Advocate 1.1 October 2012.

It is WLUFA’s position that Senate is the sole decision-making body regarding academic matters at the University. Furthermore, in keeping with the principle governing composition of Senate, it is the position of the Association that committees with input into academic decisions must be comprised of a majority of faculty and academic librarians, freely nominated and freely and democratically elected.

The IPRM process, as currently proposed by the Administration, does not satisfy these conditions.

At present the process has no mandate from Senate; and the voting procedures established by the Administration do not provide for free election of a majority of Members on the related committees.


1) WLUFA urges Senators to vote against giving a mandate to the IPRM process as it is presently constituted.

2) WLUFA advises its members not to participate in the process, as long as the committee structures and process remain undemocratic and contrary to the spirit of academic governance.

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