WLUFA’s changing of the guards …

This announcement is from the WLUFA Advocate April 2016 4.9.

By Michele Kramer, WLUFA President

After a very successful trial run with a new online voting system, WLUFA is pleased to announce the members of your incoming Association Executive for 2016-2017.

They are:
Anne-Marie Allison Judy Bates
Kari Brozowski Timothy Donais
Kimberly Ellis-Hale Azim Essaji
Jim Gerlach Angele Hamel
Michele Kramer Rob Kristofferson
Adam Metzler

While many of the members of the incoming Executive are familiar faces, we are especially excited that we’ll be getting an injection of some “new blood” with the additions of Anne-Marie, Timothy and Adam. Their service, of course, means that we’re also saying goodbye to other members whose valuable input will be greatly missed. Joanne Oud, Glenda Wall and Stephen Wenn are all taking some time away from Association
duties this year in order to gain some much-needed research time.

And, we’d like to thank the four Members who offered themselves as nominees this year but were not voted in: Chris Klassen, Chad Lebold, Houman Mortazavi and
Stephen Svenson. Significantly, all four are CAS colleagues and this means that —in this election—we had more new contract faculty offer themselves for election than new full-time members. Hopefully, we’ll see their names on a ballot again in the future!

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