Statue Project Update: Senate motion will not go to Board

“…at the October 20 WLU Senate meeting [Jonathan Finn] presented a motion that the University Senate oppose ‘the statue project’ and that it cancel the University’s involvement with that project. The result was an overwhelming majority 39-6-7 vote. It was [his] understanding that this recommendation would go to the Board of Governors at their next meeting on Nov 26 as is the usual process. However, on Nov 5 the University President issued a lengthy statement (link attached to this message) noting that he is establishing a ‘Special Advisory Committee’ to look into a way of ‘moving forward’ with the statue project. The President also clearly indicated his support of the statue project in that press release.”​

Read more from the latest update on Laurier’s project to install statues of Canada’s prime ministers on the Waterloo Campus:

Read the memo from President Blouw mentioned in this update:

What do you think about this latest development on the Statue Project?  What do you think about the project as a whole?

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