Upcoming WLUFA site redesign?

By: Matt Thomas, eResources Librarian and WLUFA Social Media Manager.

Last Fall Term, the WLUFA Communications Committee worked with a group of students in Dr. Abby Goodrum’s JN270 “Intro to User Experience Design” class to help them present a set of recommendations to us to improve the user experience of the WLUFA site (http://www.wlufa.ca/). At the end of term, the group of eight students presented their findings with the rest of the class’ groups and provided us with a report describing the process, their methods, and their recommendations for the site.

The WLUFA Communications Committee can take these recommendations and determine how to proceed: Does the site need a major or minor redesign? If so, when and how should we proceed? As always, the committee welcomes your feedback and suggestions so please feel free to contact one of the committee members, the WLUFA Office, or email wlufacommunications@gmail.com.

WLUFA Communications would like to thank students Alex Dinning, Danial Endrawes, Shea Harrington, Hayden Hellyer, Brittany Legault, Will LeGrand, Michelle Nemeth, and Tyler Winter, and of course Dr. Goodrum for helping us begin our process to improve our website and therefore communication with our Membership.

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