Campus in Milton?

(This article is from the WLUFA Advocate October 2016 5.1.)

Kari Brozowski

Health Studies

The question of a Milton campus is a contentious initiative, and will likely cannibalize the Waterloo and Brantford campuses.

The demographic argument is not sound, as the growth in the Halton/Peel region needed to support another campus will not occur for approximately ten more years. At the same time, we are dealing with a significant drop in enrollments in Canada according to world-renowned demographer Dr. David Foot.

Additionally, the suggestion that we need to put a campus in Milton, otherwise U of T or the University of Waterloo might establish a campus, resulting in a drop in WLU enrollments does not follow any evidence regarding student university choices in the GTA area.

Finally, the idea of implementing applied science or engineering programming to differentiate the campus is not realistic.

Why has a market survey not been conducted? It appears the WLU President refuses to conduct a less expensive, risk averse market survey in favour of forging ahead with a very expensive campus that will undoubtedly be drawing from the university operating funds–all pointing to financial and academic devastation for the existing campuses.

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