Did you know that the WLUFA Advocate also hosts a blog?

This announcement is from the WLUFA Advocate April 2016 4.9.

We do! We use it to publish articles and announcements that we want to get to you as soon as possible, and the occasional article that’s too long to include in the regular issues of the Advocate. If you’ve not yet visited the blog, or forgotten it exists, please check it out.

This year’s blog posts include:

• Two letters to President Blouw—one by an alumnus, the other by a labour studies expert—asking him to withdraw his plans to outsource custodial services in the new buildings on the Waterloo campus.

• A Canadian University Teachers Association (CAUT) job posting for a Professional Office position.

• A summary of the Divestment campaign letter that urges President Blouw’s Administration to take steps to protect Laurier’s investment “portfolio against a carbon-constrained future and to remove the social license of fossil fuel companies to damage the climate any more than they have already done.”

• Past issues of the Advocate

• Contract Faculty Bargaining Survey results

• The results of our “Whaddya Say, John A?” contest

You can find the blog by visiting the WLUFA web page and clicking on the WLUFA Advocate blog icon in our list of social media sites at the bottom right-hand side of your screen. Or click on the larger WLUFA Newsletter icon on the left-hand side of the screen, and follow the links.

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