Ten to watch . . .

This article is from the WLUFA Advocate January 2016 4.5.

In this first issue of 2016, the Advocate identifies 10 moving targets that we urge you to keep an eye on this year. We will address some of these in future issues. If you want to write a short article on any of these for the Advocate, we’d welcome your input! And, if you think we’ve missed something—big or small—let us know.

And now, in no particular order . . .

Contract talks: The Canadian Union of Public Employees 926, representing about 110 WLU custodians, grounds workers and trades are fighting to protect their jobs.
Review of University Finances: WLUFA wants straight answers from the Administration about the budget and financial statement.

New Budget Model: The responsibility-centred budget has many concerned that programs will be funded on a win/loss basis.

WLUFA’s Constitutional Review: You asked for and got a commit-tee to improve the openness and representation of your Association.

Statues Controversy: Need we say more? Check out the Statue Contest winners, page 4.

CAS Negotiations: Can precarious workers get a fair deal at Laurier? (Learn more on page 1)

Jointly Sponsored Pension Plan: What will the new provincial plan mean for your pension?

Requests for Proposals (RFPs): The University appears to be on a serious contracting-out spree.

University Cutbacks and Losses: The belt tightening continues . . .

Peters and Schlegel Renovation Costs:
Okay, so we’ve begun a bit of research on this one. Follow the links below, and let us know if they inspire you to learn more.

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