Gendered violence and the workplace

This article is from the WLUFA Advocate January 2016 4.5.

Much of the campus discussion about gendered violence focuses on students, equipping them with the language, resources and confidence to respond to it and create a safe and inclusionary culture. As often pointed out in the inverse, students’ learning conditions are our working conditions. Not only are faculty and staff potentially subject to different forms of gendered violence at work, students who have been victimized or who are concerned about these issues often approach us for advice and support. And like students, we require resources to help build a welcoming, safe campus. For all these reasons, WLUFA has sought the guidance and help of the Gendered Violence Task Force (GVTF) to address gendered violence as a workplace issue.

As part of the GVTF Policy and Protocol subcommittee, WLUFA will work with the Laurier Staff Association to develop educational workshops. In the meantime, look for literature in your mailboxes that offers some basic information about gendered violence and Laurier and community resources for responding to it.

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