Statues in the News

Let’s help the Administration re-imagine our campus public art.

As opposition to the planned statue project is finally being heard — Statues to memorialize Canada’s prime ministers would be ‘culturally insensitive’: university and Wilfrid Laurier University to reconsider plan for prime ministers’ statues – we thought you might want to help the Administration come up with ideas for alternative public art for the campus. Tell us (in the Leave a Comment box below) what sort of art you think could do that!

The statue project, according to Assistant Vice-president of External Relations Joel Peters, is intended “to stimulate discussion about history, about how . . . our country evolve[d] from 1867 to where we are now.”

Tell us what sort of art you think could do that! And we’ll publish your ideas in the WLUFA Advocate.


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1 Response to Statues in the News

  1. Hind Al-Abadleh says:

    I think the sort of art that Laurier could do should include the following historic and symbolic people and events in Canada that I came to learn about and appreciate after immigrating here 11 years ago:

    – The Famous five: women’s movement
    – The Group of 7: art and painting Canada’s landscape
    – The Charter of Rights and Freedoms: centre-stone of Canadian democracy
    – The Inuksuk: art from the Native people of Canada that shows the way
    – A statue of immigrants arriving to Canada with eyes full of hope: acknowledging the origin of the people who were welcomed by the Native and build the Canada that we know today
    – The signing of the Montreal Protocol: a success story on Canada’s leadership in solving environmental problems guided by solid science that lead to banning the use and manufacturing of ozone-depleting substances in 1989. 26 years later, first signs of the recovery of the ozone layer were reported in the media.


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