Faculty Discuss the Milton Poll

The results of our informal poll about Laurier’s failure to be approved for a Milton Campus are in (see “WLUFA Members mainly happy that Milton was denied”), but the results were certainly not one-sided. The Advocate Blog welcomes you to continue the conversation about this topic in the comments section below. Some questions to consider are:

  • Why do you think there was opposition to the Milton campus?
  • If the proposal is accepted in the near future, as many believe it will be, what effect do you think that will have on Laurier? On faculty? On students?
  • How would an additional campus affect Laurier’s future in terms of enrollment? Reputation? Financial situation?
  • How does a campus in Milton affect our Brantford or Kitchener campuses?
  • How might multiple campuses affect contract faculty?
  • Do you think that Laurier can even manage a Milton campus?
  • Can Milton support a university campus?

Please feel free to respond to these questions or to add your own questions or comments below.

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I've been a professional librarian since 2001, a father since 2000, and a nerd since birth.
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