WLUFA Communications Survey Results—a Snapshot

This is an article from the WLUFA Advocate January 2015 3.3.

 Approx. one in five Members responded to the survey: approx. ¾ Regular Faculty and ¼ Contract Faculty.

 The majority (75 percent) of respondents prefer communications from WLUFA to come to them via email and email attachments.

 For their second preferred communications method, a significant number of respondents answered that they prefer to access the WLUFA website for information (34 percent) or to receive hard-copy communications in their department mailbox (25 percent).

 Very few respondents (0 to 6 percent) chose forms social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) as one of their top three methods of communication with the union.

 The majority of respondents check the WLUFA website when they are seeking information.

 50 percent of respondents answered that they receive adequate information during contract negotiations while 25 percent answered that they do not.
Remaining respondents either did not answer, or answered that they have not been at WLU for the negotiation of their contract as of the time of the survey.

 The majority of the respondents would like to see Advocate include articles that are union-centred (both WLUFA and provincial/ national organizations) as well as coverage of pedagogical news, issues and debates.
 Disappointingly, very few respondents expressed an interest in contributing to Advocate.

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