Faculty of Arts Council Meeting – IPRM Motion 7 March 2014

The Faculty of Arts (Waterloo) debated and passed an amendment and the motion on Friday 7 March 2014 as follows:

 “Be it resolved that, having considered the careful arguments of our Brantford colleagues in their document entitled, “IPRM and the Brantford Campus: Some Observations of the Impact of Laurier’s Program Prioritization Process on the Evaluation of Academic Programming at Brantford,” this body shares the serious concerns of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and the Faculty of the Human and Social Sciences about the concept, method, data collection and analysis of the Integrated Planning and Resource Management process and about the ability of this process to provide reliable information upon which sound academic decisions can be made As such, this body calls for the immediate cessation of the activities of the IPRM and the return of academic decision- making to the Senate, its rightful place as established by the WLU Act”

Results of Motion: In Favour: 43                   Opposed: 10                   Abstained: 5.

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