Herbert Pimlott, Editor & Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Welcome to the (belated) first issue of this year’s WLUFA advocate. My apologies, but the Communications Committee has been very busy with communications work for Contract Academic Staff negotiations.

At the December 18th joint meeting of Senate and Board of Governors the Administration’s presentation of the ‘Strategic Mandate Agreement’ proposal, it was ‘standing room only’. No answer about the SMA’s targetted enrollment number was provided then, nor was one forthcoming at this week’s Senate meeting (January 13th, 2014). One Senator asked whether the number was just being kept secret from faculty? One figure some of us keep hearing is “45,000” – 15,000 for each of three campuses (assuming Milton is approved as a campus). Don’t forget Thursday’s Townhall on Laurier’s “Financial Future”. Of course, it’s a coincidence that it (and IPRM’s completion) are just before full-time faculty & support staff negotiations begin. On Monday January 20th, 2014, OCUFA’s Mark Rosenfeld and faculty from Guelph and Brock will talk about the IPRM on their campuses. Happy New Year!


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